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The gold standard in body contouring is Emsculpt NEO! EmSculpt Neo is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses the powers of radio frequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to simultaneously tone muscle and melt fat. Most treatments either eliminate fat or work muscle, but with the Emsculpt NEO you can work on several goals in one treatment. In as little as four 30 minute treatments you’ll look and feel notably stronger and more toned. Abs, thighs, buttocks, arms and calves can be safely and effectively treated.

Prior to receiving Emsculpt NEO treatments we ask that you have a consultation with one of our Emsculpt specialists. They will help you customize a treatment plan and guide you through the entire process, including pre-treatment tips that will help you get the best results possible.

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  • Emsculpt NEO provides two therapies in one single treatment. On average a series of four, 30 minute procedures will yield a 30% reduction in fat and 25% gain in muscle. Increasing core and extremity strength improves overall health, leading to a more active lifestyle. 
  • EmSculpt NEO is non-invasive. You won’t have to deal with surgery, needles or anesthesia. Although the treatments can feel intense, the procedure not painful and requires no downtime or preparation prior to treatment.

Ideal Candidate

  • Anyone who can benefit from less fat and more muscle is a great fit. However, patients with BMI’s over 35 may require weight reduction before moving forward with Emsculpt treatments.
  •  Slimmer patients interested only in muscle building can still use Emsculpt for muscle and strength building and the achievement of an overall tighter, more toned physique.
  •  Women who are pregnant or lactating as well as those with any type of metal or electronic implants cannot receive treatments.

What to Expect

  • All patients are asked to have a Emsculpt consult prior to booking their treatment.
  • Once treatment is planned there is no pre-preparation required on your part and the treatments are simple and easy. You will lay down while the applicators are applied over the treatment area for 30 minutes. During the treatment you may feel a tolerable heating sensation along with intense, but tolerable, muscle contractions. The heating sensation is comparable to a hot stone massage. Once the procedure is completed you can immediately get back to your daily routine. Over the course of a few weeks the dead fat cells are flushed out from the body through metabolic processes.
  • Depending on the area being treated, the treatments are scheduled 5-10 days apart. Each patient’s results vary, but the best time to see the final results is about 3 months after the last treatment. For optimal results it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and proper hydration. 

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An applicator that emits synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energies is placed on one of the approved areas (stomach, arms, thighs, calves and buttocks).

Due to the radiofrequencey heating, the muscle temperature quickly raises by several degrees. This prepares the muscles for exposure to stress, similar to what a warm up activity does before any workout. In less than 4 minutes, the temperature in the subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause apoptosis, I.e. Fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body. Clinical studies showed on average a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.

Bypassing the brain limitations, HIFEM+ energy contracts the muscle fibers in the area at intensities that are not achievable during a voluntary workout. Extreme stress forces the muscle to adapt resulting in an increase in the number and growth of muscle fibers and cells. Clinical studies showed on average a 25% growth in muscle volume.

Emsculpt NEO can be applied over the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms & calves.

Anyone can benefit from the Emsculpt NEO procedure. Emsculpt Neo can treat patients up to a BMI of 35!

Yes! Emsculpt NEO and the embedded high intensity magnetic field (HIFEM) technology has been clinically tested for safety and efficacy through seven clinical studies. Moreover, 30 scientific publications make HIFEM the most intensively researched body contouring technology since its introduction in 2018. 

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