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19 May 2022

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Wax Quality and the Benefits of an Experienced Provider

Wax Quality and the Benefits of an Experienced Provider

When looking for waxing services, what should you look for? Is it the best price? An experienced aesthetician? How about the quality of the products use?

While price should always be considered, the most important aspects, from my point of view, are the experience of the provider and the type of wax used.

Wax Quality

Professionally, I use Cirepil Blue hard wax for face and intimate areas. Due to the ability to apply it at lower temperatures, I’ve found that clients leave with less redness and inflammation. This amazing product shrink-wraps around the hair instead of the skin so that, when the wax is removed, the skin is less affected. Although not the cheapest product on the market, it is the best.

For larger areas of the body, i.e., arms, back, chest and legs, Cirepil Soft Ease Wax with strips is my choice. Ease Wax is gentle and effective in removing all hair textures. Gluten, paraben & cruelty free, it’s great for sensitive skin and fine hair.


Does experience it really matter with waxing? YES! As an experienced aesthetician, I can tell you that learning happens through doing. I’ve honed my craft through many successes, a few misses, and multiple years. A person doesn’t walk through the doors of an aesthetic school as an expert.

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

Clients new to waxing often ask how long their hair should be for a Brazilian, leg, chest, or back wax. Although a person can find literature that states that ¼ of an inch is a sufficient length to wax, I always recommend 5 weeks of growth. Hair grows in cycles, and the more cycles you have grown out, the longer the procedure lasts. For most people, the results last up to 3 weeks before new hair begins to grow. After multiple waxes, the results will last even longer. Realistically, results may vary based on the individual.

Having a Brazilian wax service can be a bit scary for your first time. Remember it will be over soon and the results are worth the short-term pain. I’ve never had a person tell me that they regretted receiving the service.
For a first time Brazilian or body wax, there can be some redness and irritation. This usually subsides by the next day. People who consistently wax rarely get red or irritated. Over time, the hair will get finer and the re-growth will be less.

A light scrub or gentle dry brush application the evening prior to your service is recommended for best results. No tanning, retinols, or use of glycolic 3 days prior to service.

While most people are able to receive a waxing service, it is not recommended for individuals with extremely sensitive, inflamed skin or those experiencing a compromised immunity, or taking certain medications. As an experienced waxer, my goal is to always provide the best service possible. I will not perform a service if it is not appropriate for the client at the time of the appointment.

I hope these tips were helpful in determining if waxing is right for you! Remember, if you have any questions, or to book an appointment, you can always give our office a call a (541) 440-6220.