12 September 2022

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IV Nutrition Therapy

IV Nutrition Therapy

By Brittany Arnold

While the beginning of summer has me energetic and ready for vacations and fun, by September I am waterlogged, sun-scorched, and ready for routine again. The cooler weather creeping in, packed back-to-school schedule, and inevitable cold season approaching make it time to vitamin up and replenish those summer nutrients lost to beer and barbecue.

And there is no better way to properly arm up against the grind and the germs than MeiRai’s IV Nutrient Therapy.

I’ll be honest – I enjoy IV nutrient therapy more than any spa service (and I thoroughly enjoy all the spa things). My health is incredibly important to me and although I am not a medical professional, we should all agree that getting proper nutrients are vital to our health. It should also be no surprise that we don’t get all the nutrients in our food that our body requires. While I do take nutritional supplements consistently, in addition to eating healthy, IV therapy provides high doses of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorption making me feel the effects immediately. Not only do I feel better, but a healthy inside shows on the outside and I experience healthier hair, nails and skin with regular vitamin intake.

I was thrilled to find out Roseburg’s medical spa, MeiRai, started IV nutrient therapy as one of their many services. I have visited the spa before and had not only a great procedure (I highly recommend the HydraFacial), but it was a very welcoming and peaceful environment.

After making my appointment for IV nutrient therapy, I chose my “nutrient cocktail.” MeiRai has several to pick from including Immunity for strengthening immune systems; Myer’s Cocktail which helps boost energy, reduce migraines and chronic pain; Inner Beauty which aids in hydrating skin and wrinkles; Recovery and Performance which reduces inflammation and toxins, and improves metabolism; Get Up and Go which helps with energy and fat burning, and Quench which combats dehydration and fatigue.

When getting the IV, guests get to relax in one of their quiet rooms. The process takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. A good audio book, comfortable chair and blanket makes this procedure easy, relaxing and virtually painless (just a little IV poke at the beginning).

As fall shows its head, we know winter is following. IV nutrient therapy will be a regular to-do helping me keep my nutrient levels where they should be and helping me feel the energy of summer – even with clouds and cold weather.

Schedule your appointment at MeiRai for IV Nutrient Therapy at 541-440-6220 and read more about this and other services at http://meirai.com.