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02 June 2021

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Introducing our Newest Aesthetician, Christine Simmons

Introducing our Newest Aesthetician, Christine Simmons

MeiRai Medical Aesthetics is thrilled to welcome Christine Simmons to the MeiRai team. Not only does she brighten the office with her beautiful smile and very friendly personality, she brings with her more than 20 years of aesthetics experience. Christine is equally excited to be MeiRai’s lead aesthetician and is looking forward to learning even more and building relationships with her clientele.

How it started

Born on an island in Alaska, Christine has also lived in California and South Carolina. She describes herself as compassionate, funny, and driven.

Christine became passionate about her own skin health after battling cystic, welting acne in her 20s and experimenting with several natural products. By her mid-30s, Christine became a skin care consultant for Clinique which then led her to be trained as a licensed aesthetician.

After completing school, Christine moved to Portland and worked in several Portland spas and as a massage therapist for 30 years. She also has her Bachelor of Science in psychology, which she said is “very helpful to have working in this industry.”

Five years ago, Christine moved to Roseburg to care for her mother. During that time she worked for a transfer program through Umpqua Community College while continuing to make trips to Portland for her spa clients.

Through establishing a relationship with the MeiRai team as a client, Christine was recently offered the lead aesthetician position and was ecstatic about getting back to what she loves.

How it’s going

In addition to having a fantastic relationship with the team, Christine is excited she gets to do effective, corrective treatments. “I found the more aggressive the treatment – the better. They really work. If you are going to be spending the money, you want to know it is results oriented,” said Christine.

For any advanced treatments Christine can’t perform, she loves that there is a doctor in house – something extremely rare. “We work together in harmony and you keep your people in house for these treatments. That’s huge.”

Christine enjoys that this job will afford her the opportunity to continually learn and grow. Being a people person, Christine also loves the relationship building that comes with this position. “I want to best serve them, so it is important to me to build relationships. You often become friends. If it were just clinical, I wouldn’t like it – it wouldn’t last. Literally fellowship, I love people.”

When she’s not working, Christine spends time on spiritual studies, kickboxing, refurnishing furniture, and cooking.

“I am happier to be alive than I have ever been. The area is beautiful – I don’t plan on leaving. It is my favorite job I have ever had, and I am excited to have all my focus be on skin and helping people. I feel so confident in everyone I work with and their ability to do their jobs. That is so different than working at a spa. I love to be in an environment that I can grow in and in which there is always something to reach toward.”

Tips from Christine

Not coming from genetically good skin, Christine learned it takes constant attention, good products and facials to improve your skin. Preventative and corrective care, she said, are both very important.

Christine highly suggests the ZO Skin Care Wrinkle and Texture Repair, Firming Serum, Hydrating Cleanser, and Eye Brightening Cream which MeiRai carries. “The retinol works wonders.”

Christine’s favorite service is the HydraFacial since she said you can literally see and feel results right after the facial.

Christine Simmons is currently accepting clients and is available during open MeiRai hours.