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Pronounced MEE-RAY, in Korean means “future beauty” or “beauty ahead.”

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The super popular Fire & Ice Facial from iS Clinical will rapidly and safely rejuvenate your skin with little or no down time. Experience an instantly brighter, more even skin tone, softer lines and wrinkles and an overall more youthful complexion. This is a great treatment to have before an event or special occasion. Try it during the month of February for only $89


“Youth in a Bottle”, “Hollywood’s secret to looking young.” Sculptra injections are your answer to a natural, gradual improvement in facial volume loss and wrinkles.  Sculptra is not a filler.  It works by stimulating your own body’s fibroblast cells, restoring the inner structure and collagen deep within your skin. A series of injections will give gradual but dramatic improvement to volume, contour, and youthful smoothness in your face. $200 off each kit of 2 vials, total cost for four vials $2500


Often called the “naked Botox” Xeomin is uniquely purified to remove unnecessary proteins that are found in other nueromodulators like Botox and Dysport.  Many patients find that Xeomin has faster, longer lasting results. Get 25 units of Xeomin and receive a $50 Visa gift card. Get over 50 units and receive two $50 Visa gift cards. 


Enhance the, volume and texture of your lips with Kysse, the filler designed specifically for lips.  From subtle enhancement to a full volume change you can get the look you want.  Kysse uses  “XpresHAn” technology, making it extra stretchy and accommodate movement of the lips.  This makes Kysse the longest lasting lip filler available, lasting up to 12 months!  $600/syringe ($150 savings), all other lip fillers $100 off each syringe.

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What You Can Expect at MeiRai

Our goal at MeiRai Medical Aesthetics is that all patients not only have an exceptional and memorable experience, but that they also receive proven treatments that preserve future beauty through the use of sound scientific and medical principles.  MeiRai’s advanced facial aesthetic services can be combined with our medical services, giving you the best of both worlds and ensuring a beautiful, natural outcome.

Our newly remodeled, serene office allows for a truly enjoyable patient experience. Come in for a quick facial or waxing, or schedule a consultation for a customized treatment plan. Our office carries a full line of medical-grade skin care and other skin rejuvenation products. We look forward to helping you enhance your natural beauty and making you feel your very best!

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